September 20, 2009

Running On Empty

I couldnt sleep last night. It was just one of those things. On top of the problems falling asleep, someone in the neighborhood decided to blow of a bunch of fireworks around 10:30 PM. Then to top it off, Brooke decided to wake up an extra hour early this morning :) The good thing was ... I was up anyway because of my planned run. It also helped to know that even if I had wanted to sleep in this morning, it wasnt going to happen anyway. But it made a little extra work in the morning and I ended up running out of the house in a bit of a tizzy.

In addition to starting my run on a lack of sleep, I was a bit low on fuel. Last night's dinner was the rest of a Cadburry chocolate bar my (awesome) husband brought me all the way home from London. Breakfast was 2 bites of a banana I stole from the baby's breakfast as I was cutting it up for her to eat.

It's amazing how well I have fared on these longer runs despite my obvious lack of care and concern for my body and training ;) I'm thinking I have been a bit lucky this year!

Running Log
Time:55:13   Distance:5.05 mi   Pace:10:56

The 5-miler went well outside of one small hiccup. As we started to get ready to head out along the lakefront path early this morning, we saw a herd of people approaching. Although we often see large running groups, this one was really large. As we tried to figure out what was going on, I began to notice race bibs. It was a bit too early for a race (7AM) so it took me a while to figure it out ... it was the CARA Ready to Run 20 Miler. Its an organized 20 mile run that occurs a few weeks before the Marathon, and its a pretty popular race! When we realized the lakefront path was going to be a mess, we had to tinker around with our route a bit. All turned out ok though, and I survived despite another week without much running between my "long" runs.

Best miles today were 10:17 and 10:27, which felt pretty great to me ... but I'm sure were still way to slow for my speedy running partner this morning. Luckily she was patient and didnt complain about my speed (or lack thereof).

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