January 28, 2011

Its Just Not Meant To Be

Last night I signed up again for that class (that I ditched because of the cold last week). Then, this morning Brooke wakes up at 5 am. No matter how much we tried to convince her it was the middle of the night, she just couldn't fall back asleep.

I've been feeling guilty about me diet and exercise lately and was determined to go. Got my workout gear together and both kids fed and ready. Then, I (luckily) checked my email and found out the instructor is sick and class is cancelled!

Next week I meet with my dissertation advisor, so I can't go for two more weeks :(

It's a good thing I ordered the 30 day shred videos! But, in the meantime I've been pretty good about doing the ab exercises. I did all but the planks yesterday and hope to squeeze them in again today ... Though a nap also sounds pretty good right about now.
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Tricia said...

hope you enjoy the 30DS

Jess said...

This 5 am business must be an epidemic. Norah has woken up at 5 or 5:30 am 3 times this week and refused to go back to bed! It's been weird. And awful.

Enjoy your 30 day Shred! Although, I'm not sure if the word "enjoy" is accurate ;)