August 3, 2010

Today Was A Better Day

I got to sleep in!
Tuesday mornings Brooke has soccer, but this morning it was pouring and soccer was cancelled. Normally that would stink ... but today it was good. Why? Well, because it was pouring it was dark all morning ... and Brooke slept in until 7:30AM (usually up between 6 and 7). That means I hung out in bed till 7:30 too!

A special treat was hand delivered!
My friend Christina wanted to stop by for a bit, and showed up with this A few weeks ago some friends and I went out for dinner to celebrate my birthday and Christina couldnt make it. I think after reading about my crappy day yesterday she felt bad for me and thought I deserved some belated birthday cupcakes. And you know what? She was right ;) She stopped in just minutes before my trainer was due to show up, but I couldnt resist just one bite before the workout. YUM! I was good and held back, only taking that one bite. Of course, after the trainer left I sampled each one. Then, I decided which was the best ... and finished it ;)

I worked out!
Though its only once a week, I did work out with my trainer. All went well, but there was a bit of a bad part to this workout. I knew my trainer was doing some traveling but didnt realize it was coming up so soon. Essentially, she is gone for the rest of this month and I wont see her again until August 31st. That's three weeks without her. She is writing me up an exercise plan while she is gone and left me a bunch of equipment. Now I just have to get myself to use it without her in my face :( Let's see how I do.

I saw Eclipse!
My sister and I have had a plan to go see Eclipse for a while and last night we finally did. Although none of the Twilight movies are exactly stellar, I did think this was the best one thus far. It was also nice to spend some quality time with my sister while pigging out on soda and popcorn. Of course, there was a small downer here too ... and it was my own falut. I drank a lot of soda, not too good of an idea during a movie in the first place, but a really BAD idea for a pregnant lady. It was close to the end of the movie, I had a full bladder, and the baby decided to keep punching me in it. I am pretty sure it was deliberate. It was one of the most painful experiences I have had thus far ;) And I couldnt go to the bathroom because the movie was just minutes from ending! It was the longest 5 minutes of my life, and that walk to the restroom was one of the longest walks of my life. Luckily, the pain was quickly over and I could go back to thinking about this


aron said...

glad you are having a better day, sometimes a little extra sleep is just the trick! oh and cupcakes dont hurt either. you have my mouth watering with those pics.

i thought eclipse was definitely the best one yet :)

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

yeahhh glad you are feeling more upbeat and doing all kinds of fun things!!

haven't seen any of those movies yet

Jamie said...

glad it turned around for you! cupcakes and eclipse make everything better :)

kilax said...

What a sweetie for bringing over the cupcakes!

I think it would be fun to see Eclipse with my sis :)