August 2, 2010

Bar Method Fail

It's only 2PM, and honestly ... today as a whole can be marked with a big FAIL. I should give up, call it a night, and hope tomorrow is better ;) But instead, I'm eating chocolate and catching up on True Blood and My Boys. Hopefully I'll find a way to turn it around. Till then, I figured I'd do some griping.

First thing in the morning, Brooke's new "big girl" dresser gets delivered. It is damaged and I have to send it back.

Since it was still early I thought I should make the best of the day and head to a new park with Brooke. Its pretty far from home, almost 1.5 miles, but has a water playground and I thought she would really enjoy it. I also thought that since I have not been very active that the walk would be good, and did not plan to rush along the way. I found the walk exhausting and could barely make it. While at the park, Brooke didnt want to play in the water at all. She played around a little bit, but mostly sat on my lap and ate a snack. So I walked all the way there for my toddler to have a snack :)

While there I got really overheated. Its only 82 here, but my body just cant hack it. Right around the same time, Brooke decided to haul away from me into the middle of the park. There are kids swinging and on the see-saw, and she has no clue about the dangers of walking right by those things. So I had to run towards her to grab her and try to get her back towards the stroller so I could get a drink. Once I got her I had to fight to get her back to our stuff and by then I was dizzy and could barely stand. I tried to drink water while trying to wrestle her back into the stroller ... and that whole thing was a huge fiasco.

I got her out to lunch at a close restaurant, a walk I could barely make. Luckily lunch went ok and we both got our energy back.

Then, I could barely make the walk back home. It was too much for me again. The whole time I was shuffling around Brooke was hollering about how she wanted to get out and "walk". I knew I couldnt manage pushing the stroller while also trying to get her to move along at some sort of decent pace ... so I had to continue telling her every minute that she would "get out soon".

I finally got her pretty close to home and decide to let her walk, despite the fact that I had to use the restroom. She had pulled her shoes off along the way and I tucked them into the basket under the stroller ... or so I had thought. When I went to pull them out I realized we lost one along the way. Luckily I had a spare pair with me. I'm not sure how I would have explained to her (after promising for 20 minutes) that she had to stay in the stroller! I got her shoes on and let her walk the block or so home. I finally got Brooke into the backyard and couldnt get her into the house. I couldn't hold it another second and had to leave her in the backyard while I ran into the house. I had to leave the back door open so I could hear her, and so she wouldnt get scared ... and watched as one fly after another entered my home.

I recently thought I found a new option exercise option, a prenatal Bar Method class. I was really excited because it sounded interesting and was early in the morning and could fit into my schedule. As soon as I sat down to rest after my hectic morning I decided to be productive and call about the class. Unfortunately, when I called to try to get into the class I found out that you need to have several classes of the Bar Method under your belt before you take the prenatal version. The woman tried to talk to me about the "new mommies" class. That isnt going to help me a whole lot right now, and I cant even begin to imagine how I'm going to schedule POSTnatal exercises classes with two kids and a dissertation staring me right in the face.

Then, I get on my computer and see that an upcoming meeting I have scheduled for school has been rescheduled to a time and date when I dont have a sitter ... and do not think getting one is possible.

So here I sit. I have eaten about 20 Hershey's Kisses and am 1/2 way through the most recent True Blood. I feel a little better, but not a whole lot :(


Jess said...

So sorry the day has largely been a bust! But if it helps, I'm about 2 seasons behind on True Blood, but did watch one episode of My Boys last night :)

Hope tomorrow is a better day!

Tricia said...

hope tomorrow is better for you!

Jamie said...

hope the day turned around today! though true blood and my boys are definitely ways to feel a little better ;) finally caught up on my boys last night.