August 16, 2010

And The Lbs Just Pile On

Last week was a wreck. Every day was packed and I really couldn't squeeze in a free minute. It was mostly school related, including a three day conference, but yet at the end of the week I still hadn't gotten anything accomplished. It was a time-consumed week that could have gone either way but ended up being primarily unproductive.

It does look like I accomplished one thing though - I put on four pounds. I generally have not had a huge problem with pregnancy weight gain. I gained an appropriate amount of weight during my 1st pregnancy and was doing well with this one. At no point have I ever put on a huge chunk of weight, until last week. I still have 12 weeks left of this pregnancy and now I am a little bit panicky, and this week is another really busy one. School is a bit of an issue, I'm so behind ... and even worse, I have yet to tell my Advisor I'm pregnant. (Yeah, I am serious.) And I need to get him to fill out an approval for maternity leave within the next two weeks. Needless to say, nights have been sleepless.

Today I will send him an email. A weak attempt at making things look like they are progressing at my end, with the quick mention of my pregnancy as a closing note. It should go over like a lead balloon.

But, to make sure I have some control over something positive in my life, I did just finish the workout the trainer left for me ;)


Jess said...

Just like when you're not preggo, weight during pregnancy also fluctuates slightly on a day to day basis. So, it may not have been a full 4 lbs weght gain...maybe you just need to poop? :)

Jamie said...

Maybe it's just a fluctuation because of stress. Good luck telling your advisor.

lifestudent said...

I'm praying its a random fluctuation. I go to the doctor tomorrow ... so I'm hoping for a miracle drop overnight so that they dont think I've gained like 8-10 lbs in a month (though if they do, I'm not going to admit 4 was from one week alone!).