August 17, 2010

Got A Little Lucky

Turns out I only gained 6 lbs in the past month. I know its a bit of a false reading for the doctor because 2 months ago I had a false "high" weigh-in (due to a large meal the night prior and early AM weigh-in) that ended up showing me at a loss last month. I know weight can fluctuate quite a bit, but yet am pretty confident in what I do and do not weigh. Luckily, I am the only one that knows the real truth. And, more importantly, my doctor doesnt know that all that weight gain was in about one week out of the four since my last appointment ;)

I've got four more weeks until my next appointment and only one goal: no repeats of last week :)

As for the workout routine, I still can't find the time to squeeze it in. On a better note, I've already wasted enough time (and opportunity) so that I only have another two weeks until my trainer is back.

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