July 20, 2010

Laid Back Personal Training

Due to the episode on Sunday, in addition to some current back pain (possibly from running on Sunday, who knows!) we did a bit of a modified training session today. My trainer had me focus on some ab stuff and stretching. We did a lot on the stability ball and she is ordering one for me this week so I can do a lot of this stuff on my own.

I have mostly recovered from the puking and still havent figured it out. It was definitely a combination of things and I'm not sure if it was a virus or a dehydration thing, but likely a bit of both. Brooke was sick while we were on vacation and I wasn't feeling very well the night before the race or the morning of ... that is what makes me think its possible I had a virus. Kilax asked if hydration was the root of it, and that it also possible. When I talked to my OB she asked me if I hydrated properly during the race. I told her I hydrated before the race and also had a whole bottle of water after. She told me that I should have had 2-3 bottles during the race alone since I am pregnant and it was so humid. Whoops.

I guess I am not sure about how to be a pregnant runner.

Finish Line Photo

They just posted the pics from the race ... there were quite a few of my sister and I at the finish line but not many others during the race. We saw a bunch of camera guys literally standing there, or who seemed to select not to take photos as we passed. It seemed like we were getting deliberately ignored and we were quite sure the photographers were looking for the "hot ones", not the pregnant ones (and their sisters) running 14 minute miles.

I dont think I would have looked this happy at the finish if I'd known what lied just a few hours ahead :)


Jess said...

Like you said, could be a variety of factors that caused the puking, but glad you're on the mend and still managed a training session today!

kilax said...

That is a great pic!

2-3 bottles?! Whoa! Who would have known?!

Jamie said...

Glad you are feeling better! That's a nice pic! I too only had 1 finish line picture and saw them taking pictures all along the course.

Jackson said...

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