July 19, 2010

A Different Kind Of Recovery

I saved the most interesting part of yesterday for my post today. I didnt want to take away from the fact I got out there and did a race, but it turns out that everything wasnt as good as it seemed ;)

After the race my legs were a bit tired and sore. Guess that can happen when you take a few months off running and try to get back out there! I stretched a bit and walked a bit and though they were still sore, I was feeling pretty good otherwise. As the day went on I felt increasingly worse. My legs were fine, they just felt like they had a good workout. The issue was nausea. I was starting to feel really sick. At lunchtime I couldnt eat a thing and the smell of the food around me almost made me sick. I could barely handle cutting up Brookes food to give it to her.

It didnt get any better. I kept feeling worse and was pretty sure I was going to hurl. I stayed calm and didnt move around a whole lot, but no luck ... I ran faster than ever as I charged into the bathroom at 3:00. I felt better afterwards and figured all was good.


I spent the rest of the day puking my guts out. I had to call my OB eventually who told me if I didnt keep hydrated I would have to go into the hospital. She called me in a prescription for nausea and told me I had to drink 2tbsp of Gatorade every 15 minutes. I was good for about 2 hours and then lost it all again. At this point, the hospital sounded like a better alternative than the mad bathroom dash, but it was getting pretty late by now and I was worried how we would handle Brooke if I had to go in. I gave it another shot. I drank my 2tbsp of Gatorade every 15 minutes and kept perfectly still so the motion wouldnt force me to puke (which seemed to be a huge part of the problem). I kept it down for about three hours and finally went to bed around midnight with the assistance of my husband.

Woke up today feeling like a train wreck. I lost three lbs yesterday alone. But, I'm drinking Gatorade and eating some dry toast and so far so good :) Now I'm trying to convince my toddler to watch tv while Mommy lounges on the couch and she isnt quite understanding it. Its only 9AM and she has tried to get me to go "bye bye" (which generally is her way of asking to go to the park) 4 times. We just have to make it through today and I know we will be back on track tomorrow ... all I have to do is figure out how to reason with a 21-month old about why we should take it easy and just relax today ;)


Kristin said...

Oh dear, so sorry that you were sick! Feel better soon!

Bethany + Ryan said...

eek! take care of yourself!

kilax said...

That is awful! You poor thing! Did they just so to hydrate better next time to avoid this?

Jamie said...

Oh that is absolutely horrible. I hope you are hydrated and feeling better soon!

Jess said...

Poor thing! Hope you're back on track today!