May 7, 2010

Oh Man Am I Peeved

So I waited around (not literally) all day yesterday, expecting a call from the personal training studio. I expected someone to call, make a bunch of excuses, beg me to give it another whirl ... and most likely offer me some free training or something for my inconvenience. I got nothing! They didnt call!

This is a new business and I can tell you that they arent exactly booming with customers. I walk by there frequently and only once have I seen someone in there. What kind of business would rather just lose a potential customer (and have bad news spread about them) than attempting a recovery by offering an apology? I'm just dumbfounded.

And then I continue to get more and more angry because this place is less than 5 minutes from my house. I could get there, I could fit it into my schedule. I was pretty much going to sign up even if they sucked because it was so convenient it just fit perfectly into what I was looking for. Then they blow me off. I just cannot get myself to call them to set up ANOTHER appointment and go CRAWLING BACK to them. It would make me look like an idiot. So I'm just sitting here stewing in my own anger trying to figure out what to do.

This training studio was my master plan. I dont have a backup. I didnt expect them to blow me off. ARRRHHH!

Ok, I'm going to go and find some places online to post reviews of this place :)


kilax said...

Don't forget BBB! You can sometimes leave reviews there.

chris mcpeake said...

find somewhere better. Lots of places actually care about there clients

Denise said...

yea, that's terrible that they didn't call you back. i hope to have my own PT studio some day and i'll tuck this review into memory to make sure i don't make the same mistake.