May 6, 2010

It Wasn't Me...Part 2

I am walking to my personal training appointment last night and started to feel pretty good. I was worried about being able to handle an evening appointment, but at 7:30 last night I found myself walking in the daylight with some very comfortable temperatures. I guess I hadnt realized it was so nice at 7:30 since I stopped doing my evening running a few months ago :)

So I start to psyche myself up. This will be fun! I can do it! I am getting really excited that I'm getting myself back on the wagon and was taking the first step. I show up at the studio ... and nobody is there. Yup. I got stood up for my personal training appointment.

First I got ticked. I called the number on the door and explained to the machine that I was standing outside and that I had an appointment. I let them know I wasnt too happy.

Then I started feeling cursed. What was it that was preventing me from being productive? Do the Gods of Motion want me to stay in my rest period? Is this a sign that I'm not meant to do any sort of activity ever again? Should I just return to my couch and watch some reality tv?

Since I was feeling so sorry for myself. I decided I needed a little pick-me-up. I walked into a local shop and got a Superman icecream. Yum.

The icecream made me feel a little better last night, but I woke up again feeling sorry for myself and unsure of my next step. Is there any way the yoga studio can reject me? Now Im worried I will get turned away at the door for not being yoga-worthy ;)


Jamie said...

That sucks! And I totally would have done what you did :) That ice cream cone looks yummy!

Bethany + Ryan said...

jeesh, that stinks! but the ice cream looks like a lot of fun!

Jess said...

That stinks! I actually got stood up by yoga on Tuesday. Doesn't bode well for you ;)

Kristin said...

That superman ice cream looks yummy! I want some! I've never seen this kind before. Good luck with yoga!

meanjean said...

Thats a total bummer. I LOVE superman icecream. Where do you get it in the hood??