August 29, 2009

RunKeeper Fools Me Again

I went for a run this morning and somehow at the end of the run I paused the program (I am pretty sure it happened while I was trying to skip over a song in the iPod application). I noticed it wasnt tracking anymore so I hit "resume".

The software has recently been updated to enable me to complete missing parts of a run by connecting lines together on a map. This made up for the lost distance, but it didnt change my time. So when I changed my route (making it longer) it kept my time the same and then changed my pace to reflect the new distance. That means I need to do a bit of manual calculation to actually figure out what is going on ... which defeats the whole purpose of being lazy and using this program ;)

Training Log
Time:~32:00   Distance:3.15 mi   Pace:10:10

I know what time I started and what time I ended (in minutes, without seconds) so I can approximate the length of time I was running. I ended up pacing at about 10:10 and this is because I ran my second mile way too fast (about a 9:30) and not because I was actually running a true 10:10 pace. I used to be a pretty even pacer, with each mile often not varying much from the last. This seems to have changed as I get back into running and try to get a feel for my body and its movement. I have a feeling it would get better if I was running more often, with with these random, spotty runs I just cannot get a whole lot better!

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meanjean said...

I know this was from yesterday, but i ran 3.15 today! great minds think alike (I did pace a little slower, however...)