August 30, 2009

(Chocolate) Milk Does A Body Good

I love when research is done that actually makes my life better. Usually I hear about how the things I love to do, or eat, or drink ... are bad for me in some way or another. Today I find out that chocolate milk is a good after workout replenishment choice. YES! Whoever thought to look into this, I seriously think I love you.

This isnt entirely new research ... chocolate milk has been found to be beneficial for endurance athletes in multiple studies over the past few years.

Training Log
Time:?   Distance:3 mi   Pace:~11min

Ok, today I didnt press any wrong buttons and stupid RunKeeper still screwed up. At the end of my three mile run (RunKeeper verbally announces each mile for me, and my phone told me I had run 3 miles) I hit "save trip" like I always do. Now I am reiewing my stats and while I have a start time, there is no end time listed. In addition, only my first two miles were recorded. What the heck?

I know my first mile was 11:30, my second mile was 10:37 and I have no clue what the third mile was due to whatever happened with the RunKeeper application. I'm assuming I paced somewhere around 11 minutes on average ...


Sarah said...

I heard about that study too and it made me happy. :) Now I don't feel guilty about my post-run hot chocolate. :)

sarahjoaustin said...

I'm very happy about the chocolate milk news, too! Do you suppose an iced chai latte would be a close substitute?

And a question for you: You mentioned tracking your run with your phone; is this an iPhone? If so, what sort of accessories are you using with it to work out. (I'm on a quest for an iPhone armband, but can't find one I like.)

Playful Professional said...

I keep a steady supply of chocolate milk on hand for this very reason. Or maybe just because it tastes good :)

lifestudent said...

sarahjoaustin - I use the RunKeeper application. I was using the free version but downloaded the Pro because it has audio cues (a voice tells me out-loud when I have hit each mile).

I dont use an armband, but do put it in a Amphipod AirFlow Lite. It has enough room for my iPhone, keys, and a credit card :)