August 26, 2009

One Hour Of Work, Four Hours Of DillyDallying

Today was the first week my sitter was bumped up to two days. I had an on-campus meeting and was going to do some reading ... or at least, that was the plan.

Left at 11AM for a 1PM meeting, with plenty of time to run a quick errand and then get to campus in time to grab a coffee before the meeting. I realized when I was finishing up my errand that I forgot the book I had intended on reading. There goes my "work" day.

Got to campus, grabbed a coffee, checked my mailbox, talked to some faculty ... then mosied over to my meeting about 30 minutes early. (I am that awesome and together) I notice that the people are ALREADY meeting, and find out that the meeting had been moved to 12PM. It wasn't my fault I didnt know, the email about the change did not get to me. But still, I felt a bit stupid walking in 30 minutes late (but lucky to even be there since I thought it was at 1!).

Since I didnt have my reading materials I decided to run some more errands after the meeting. I did a couple of returns, mailed a package, got some groceries and picked up some stuff at Target.

I dont know if it was a successful outing or not. I didnt get anything done I had intended on doing, but still managed to be productive with my time. I have lots of schoolwork to do this weekend and during the week next week ... so perhaps it was wise to run errands now. I'm not sure if I will find myself with much freetime in the near future!

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