August 24, 2009

One More Distraction To Go

Today is another work day, I'm officially up to two days a week ... school is in session :( It took me a bit to get into it today, about an hour a I just wasted. Why? Well...

Over the weekend I was a home goods store shopping around for some accessories when I spotted "breaking dawn", the last of the Twilight Series. I hadn't intended on buying it, but it was like a force I could not reckon with. I put it in my cart and took it home, but then began to panic about the time this 754-page book would suck out of my life. So I decided to spend all of my free minutes reading it to get it over with and get back onto my real (and much less interesting) reading. Today the sitter came at 11 and I practically ran to Starbucks, and just finished the book. Now I just have to catch up on a bit of blogging and then I swear I'm gonna do some work.

Running Update
Due to the time I have invested in this book over the past few days I didnt get to mention that I went for another run Saturday morning. We did 3 miles and paced about 11 minutes a mile, so faster than my Friday run. That was two days in a row! Saturday was much easier than Friday was, and likely there was more than one reason behind that. Besides the fact that its easier to run consistently versus taking month-long breaks between runs, I did my Saturday run first thing in the morning (my Friday run was more mid-morning/early-afternoon). That is my ideal time to run and I just feel and move better.

There is something I have noticed after the two days of running - my abs hurt! I did a lot of ab work after Brooke was born and than basically just quit it. Obviously there has been some regression due to the soreness I am feeling. So I need to get back on that track. Guess I'll just add it to my eternally long list of things to do.

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Jess said...

But it's an easy 754 pages. You'll breeze through it in no time!