April 27, 2009

Finally Figuring It Out

I've been pretty sure all the caffeine I take in must have some benefit, but have been waiting for some more proof. Runner's World has posted a new article, "The Benefits of Caffeine". According to the article, caffeine can make/help you:

ride/run farther
think faster
sprint faster
recover better

In addition, they also say that claims that caffeine dehydrates you and cause bone-mineral loss are incorrect.

Perhaps I should be going to Starbucks more often? I mean, if one latte a day is good for me, then two can only be better ... right?


Jess said...

RW just keep s recycling their articles, don't they? They have printed something similar to that about a dozen times since I'e had a subscription, but yes, it is nice and reaffirming that caffeine helps make us better runners!

lifestudent said...

hahahaha. They TOTALLY recycle. I honestly can say I dont remember the last time I actually saw new content from them. Even their annual shoe reviews seem like I've read the exact review before ;)

robison52 said...

Does make you wonder how much you can write about putting one foot in front of the other. Nothing new under the sun.