April 23, 2009

Last Day

It's our last official day if vacation, we head home early tomorrow morning. Travelling with a baby is really different, and the vacation (much like my life) was all about her. Generally I use a vacation for some much needed "me time": lounging, reading books, pigging out ... But now it's about managing our day according to her moods, protecting her skin from the sun, making sure she isn't too hot, and watching her experience new things (both with pleasure and distaste).

It's been great, but when I get gone I think I'll be needing a vacation from my "vacation" :).


Jess said...

Enjoy your last day while away, and hopefully, getting home will give you some time to unwind!

Rookie on the Run said...

I agree... vacation is so different after having kids. Sleeping problems, too much baggage to carry around, cutting excursions short due to nap schedules, etc.

It's not bad, just different. And it gets easier as they get older.

Enjoy your final day!!

Sarah said...

Hope you have a great last day!! Vacationing with kids is a lot of fun, but not exactly my idea of a vacation either. It is just so much more work and more stuff. :)