February 3, 2009

Please Tell Me They're Talking About Raspberry Scones

More info on Starbucks, after the company continues to suffer in this economy. Now there is word that the company will be offering "several breakfast pairings" at "attractive" prices. There is little detail, but information is expected later this week. Whenever people try to be mysterious about something and try to raise suspense, it always leads to disappointment. I seriously hope the "breakfast pairings" include the return of the raspberry scone.

On A Running Note...
Yes, according to Hal Higdon I am supposed to run two miles today. I have wait until tonight so Jeff will be home with Brooke - which should time nicely with the snowstorm we are expecting. I am eating a lot of junk food to prepare for this evenings festivities, so things should go swimmingly.

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