February 2, 2009

But Did He Inhale?

So, Michael Phelps acknowledged this photo of him smoking a bong is real.

Honestly, I dont think it is that big a deal. The guy is 23 and was having fun at a party. But, I do have to admit that I used to think he was awesome ... and now think he is a bit of a loser. He spends his time hanging out in LA and Las Vegas trying to act like he is some sort of hot shot. Yes, he is a great athlete. Yes, he did amazing things at the Olympics. But he isnt a super-hero and he just isnt as cool as he thinks he is.

And now he is majorly screwed. The only reason people still pay attention to him is because his performance in the next Olympics is already being talked about. There supposedly isnt anyone out there that can beat this guy, and even four years from now he is still expected to dominate. That is, unless he doesn't even get to compete. The World Anti-Doping Agency has set quite a few rules regarding drugs and athletic performance. The agency basically has a zero tolerance for any substances on their banned list, and the consequence is a 2-4 year suspension. Unfortunately for Phelps, marijuana is on their prohibited list ;)

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meanjean said...

This really annoys me. I agree that hes young and he can do what he wants, but hes completely put his career (not to mention all those endorsements) at risk here. You would imagine that a cardio-athlete would at least me smart enough to take drugs that you don't inhale. And maybe next time, with some friends you can trust to not sell pictures of you to the tabloids. What an idiot.