February 3, 2009

I Almost Lost A Finger, So Run Cut Short

I planned out my 2 mile run and waited all day to finally have the time to run it. Jeff came home from work and I reminded him that I had to run, and he informed me that today was the coldest he has felt all winter and maybe you should skip this run. Trust me, I wanted to skip the run. I have been thinking of excuses all day. But, I knew I had to do it. Mentally in order to get on a training program for the Shamrock Shuffle, I need to actually start it - and today was my first scheduled run.

The weather channel says its 16 degrees but "feels like 0", so I put on all the layers of clothing I had. I then set up my new iPhone App, Fitnio, hit play on the iPod and took off. I felt pretty good the whole run. I actually felt much better than the NYD5K. I was actually enjoying myself, listening to the new Kanye West album and feeling the freedom of my minutes without an 18lb baby hanging from my hip.

But then...

I noticed that I had no feeling in the fingers of my right hand. I kept pulsing and shaking my hand, but nothing. I clenched it in a fist. Nothing. At this point I was past the halfway point in my run and had no choice but to continue. I cut about a block off at the end and entered my house in a panic, sure that I sacrificed my fingers for a stupid 2 mile run.

I ran my hand under water and the pain was almost unbearable. My middle finger was numb and without any feeling. Jeff looked up what to do for "frostbite" and suggested I wrap my hand in a warm towel, which I did. He got me a bucket of warm water and I put it in there. There was a delay, but eventually I got feeling back in my fingers.

Training Log
Time:22:08   Distance:1.93 mi   Pace:11:29
In conclusion, I felt pretty good on my run if it wasnt for the panic attack I suffered when I was imagining the rest of my life with less than 10 fingers. I had to cut it a tiny bit short and head straight home, but basically ran the 2 miles. The Fitnio program worked pretty well - it synced up with the GPS function on my iPhone. I didnt have a secondary device (like a Garmin) so I dont know if it was accurate, but I did check my alternative route on Favorite Run and it said it was 1.90 miles. Assuming I ran a little bit crooked here and there, I think Fitnio was probably right on target!

Update: And to answer what may seem like an obvious question (immediately asked by my husband) "Were you wearing gloves?". YES! Of course! I told him it wasnt both hands, just my right hand, and primarily the middle finger on my right hand. "Well, were you wearing a glove on that hand?". NO, I was trying the Michael Jackson style of running. Duh, yes, I had gloves on both hands :)


Sarah said...

oh my gosh...be careful out there! I usually only run outside if it is at least 20. I tried to run when it was in the teens (I don't know what the wind chill was) and by the end my legs were really stinging...so now 20 is my magic #.

Glad to hear you recovered! :)

meanjean said...

I'm glad you kept the fingers. Its never that cold here--Im impressed you got out there! I'm also glad that you have been listening to the new Kanye. My training isn't going very well, considering i have a 10 miler in 2 months and I haven't done anything. I hope its warmer in Feb when I'm in town. we might need to take turns running, but at least we'll keep our fingers.

Jess said...

Impressive that you got out there. Nice job!