February 5, 2009

Still Cold ... A Bit Scared To Run

Today's training calls for another 2-miler. We have warmed up a bit, but the forecast says at 7pm (about when I have a chance to run) it will be 21 degrees, but feel like 9. When I had the little finger problem, it "felt like 0". So is 9 degrees a big difference?

Sure, its two miles. Maybe you are thinking I should skip it. Perhaps, on the contrary, you think I am a big baby and should just suck-it-up and do the two miles. The problem is, yesterday was a cross train day. I didnt have a chance to get out of the house and dont own any exercise equipment. That means I need to count dancing-with-baby and going-up-and-down-stairs-with-baby as my cross training. Despite the fact that Brooke and I did some pretty vigorous dancing yesterday, I dont think my cardio strength is all that improved ;) Tomorrow is a rest day, which I can handle. Saturday is another cardio day - since Jeff will be home I think I will go join the gym (finally) and do my cardio there.

But this still doesnt solve todays dilemma. I'm going to wait out the day and see how it unfolds, and check the temps before I decide. I'm thinking if I could run the other day and feel fine (except for the issue with the frozen digits) I should be able to manage today ... but my hand throbs just thinking about it.

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meanjean said...

Just suck it up and buy a treadmill/exercise bike!