February 17, 2009

I Didn't Run Today, And I'm Not Running Tomorrow Either

I had a bit of a rough day today. It was long, and exhausting, and I am tired. I just couldnt find a way to squeeze in time (and the energy) for this run. My days are filled with baby blabber and diaper creme, and when I have a free minute I try to squeeze in a load of laundry or dishes ... but I often have a hard time finding time for "me". Today was one of those days. I'm relaxing right now and catching up on old episodes of shows I love, but no longer have the time to watch.

Tomorrow I have an event at school. Since I havent shown my face on campus in almost a year, I thought it might be a good idea to make sure they remember me. Luckily, its an evening event, which means that I dont need anyone to watch Brooke. Unfortunately, the evening is the only time I have to run (or get anything done in general) so that wont be happening tomorrow either. I have my 2nd ab class tomorrow, which makes me feel a bit less guilty. Considering the level of pain I am currently experiencing from yesterday's class, I can assure you its a good workout! I have checked my schedule for the coming days and warned Jeff that I need to run every day (after tomorrow) for the rest of this week :)


Jess said...

I'm sure it's gotta be tough to fit in running with being a new mom. But I'm sure you'll get back to it when you can.

Sarah said...

Some days it is hard to get in a run for me too. It gets easier when they get a bit older I have found. My husband had to work late Mon night, but I was able to set my kids up with Play-Doh and run on the treadmill and watch them while they played. Not optimal, but better than nothing. :)

RunToFinish said...

one day at a time right! way to go on ab class those things are hard