February 19, 2009

Another Change Of Plans

I mentioned that Jeff was out of town and my sister was in town (a convenient swap) for a few days. Jeff came back on Monday night, went to work on Tuesday, and started feeling lousy Tuesday night. Today is Thursday and he is still feeling lousy.

Of course I feel bad for him ... but this blog is about me, so lets focus on that. Essentially, since last Friday, I have felt like a "single parent". My sister was here to spend time with me and her (adorable) niece, and was a great source of entertainment. I would have gone stir crazy without her, and thanks to her I had an excuse to eat out for lunch about four days in a row. But she wasnt here to share in childcare responsibilities, despite the fact that she quickly learned how things worked. Aunt Jean would swoop in when Brooke was fussing, grab the diaper bag when my arms were full, and help strap a screaming baby into the dreaded car seat. She was a great help, but the majority of the work still fell on me.

Jeff came home Monday night and didnt get to see Brooke much, and by Tuesday he knew something funny was happening so he limited his contact with her. I have essentially been doing all the parenting for a week now. A week is not long in the scope of things, but I keep thinking about what life would be like if this was my life. I am so lucky for all of the people I have in my life, for all of the help we have with Brooke, for all of the support and love we are fortunate enough to have surrounding us. I already knew that the life of a single parent is challenging, but this small taste I have received has given me newfound respect. How those individuals manage to balance all things is truly amazing as a single parent is a Jack of All Trades. Single parents are so awesome, they should have their own holiday. Oh wait, they do!

The Point Of My Rambling
Ultimately, my point is this:
The gods do not want me to run
How did I come to this conclusion? It just seems like there is always something out there preventing me from finding the time, energy, or ability to run. While my sister was here it was hard to schedule, and difficult to go running while leaving my guest in charge of my infant. I knew I could put it off a day or two until Jeff came back, but then another road-block. With Jeff being sick he cannot come into contact with Brooke, to prevent the chance of him transferring his cooties. That means he cannot hang out with her while he is displaying symptoms ... but also should refrain from being with her for 48 hours after his symptoms are gone! I cannot leave her in his care to go out for a run, and thus I am back "off the wagon" until he recovers.

Thank goodness I started this ab class. I have gone twice so far, and today did my "homework" instead of going for a run. We have a list of 15 or so exercises that we are supposed to complete twice in-between classes. It isnt much, but I feel a bit better that I am doing something (compared to the absolute nothing I was doing pre-8K training) to get myself back in shape. I am also eyeing another race, but maybe I should try to make it though this one first!

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meanjean said...

I ran my two miles yesterday! but, my life revolves around me...and I pretty much do what I want! Woot. Get better, Jeff, so Brooke can hang with her daddy, and dawn can get the heck out of the house!