February 16, 2009

Hal Higdon - Week 3

Ok, week 2 was a bust. I blame my sister. Not only did I only do one out of three runs last week, but I spent the entire weekend eating candy and various pastries and other not-so-good-for-you-stuff.

Now onto Hal Higdon's 3rd week of my 8-week training!
Monday: stretching & strengthening
Tuesday: 2.5 miles
Wednesday: 35 minutes cross training
Thursday: 2 miles and stretching & strengthening
Friday: rest
Saturday: 40 minutes cross training
Sunday: 3 miles

I was going to run today to try to make up for last weekend, but since tomorrow is a 2.5 miler (which was what I was supposed to do yesterday) I think I will just stick with this weeks program.

I started my ab class today - which is 2X a week for 45 minutes. Today we didnt do much because it was introductory, and Brooke decided she needed some attention 1/2 way though ... but I got the exercises to do for homework and perhaps will go through all of them tonight ;)


meanjean said...

my fault? it was your fault that I didnt get to go running. Seriously, im way behind. I'll order my new brooks adrenalin's today...and maybe i'll get on Hal Higdons plan. I have to run a 10 miler in 6 weeks!! AHHH!!!

aron said...

you can do it!!! week 3 here you come :)

Jess said...

It's always tough when you have company. You'll get back to it this week!