February 14, 2009

Change of Plans

My sister is in town this weekend (and Jeff is out-of-town) and this has caused a bit of a stir in my daily routine. Between all of the eating, dancing, and karaoking, I just couldnt find time (or the energy) to put in my 2 mile run. Perhaps I will do it today, perhaps I wont. I'm not so good at sticking to a plan when there is a bump in the road, I tend to just enjoy the ride on the new path offered to me :)


robison52 said...

It's hard to be flexible when you know the importance of consistency, nevertheless you could consider this short time off as a recovery from running. You have a good attitude in regards to your bump in the road and just enjoying the ride.

Jess said...

It's hard to remain consistent with company in town, but don't worry. You'll be back at it soon enough.