January 7, 2009

Starting With The Core

Pregnancy does a real doozy on your abs, something that many women suffer the consequences from post-partum. We dont really think about our ab muscles as often as we actually use them - which is essentially all of the time. Abdominal muscles stabilize the pelvis as you run, and stronger abs = more stamina = better performance. Weak ab muscles (like the ones you have after having a baby!) can tire out quickly, creating instability in the pelvis and increasing the risk of injury.

I need to do a variety of things to get back into shape. I knew (and confirmed) that my cardio level has been decreased as my activity level pretty much went to zero. I also can tell that my abs need work because I have been having a lot more back pain. Even while running the 5K I could tell something felt different in my abdominal area.

So in order to help me on my path to the Shamrock Shuffle, I have signed up for a class designed for new moms called From The Core: Postnatal Recovery. The class meets for 45-minutes, twice a week for 5 weeks. Each week the exercises progress in difficulty, working on strengthening the pelvic floor, lower back and abdominal muscles.

There are some great things about this class that make me excited. First, it focuses on the abs and regaining strength, where a lot of "new mom" classes seem to be alot about cardio. Second, I get to bring Brooke! I dont have to worry about having someone else watch her, and its just another opportunity for us to spend time together. And Third, all class particpants are new moms. Babies are going to range from 6 wks - 6 months. It will be great to learn new exercises, get back in shape, and talk with other women in the exact same situation as me!

My class starts Monday, Februay 16th at 10:00am. So I still have a few weeks until it begins, and will hopefully have Brooke on a good schedule so that the class falls nicely into our day :)


Linden said...

Ooh, maybe I should start strengthening my core now, before I get pregnant. Or does the whole stretched-beyond-belief pretty much cancel it out? I'm going to have to do some research and crunches!

Really glad to hear you've found a class you'll like!

Sarah Jo said...

There's a good core article in this month's Runner's World. Lolo Jones, the Olympic hurdler, is in it. I haven't done any of the exercisers yet, but I plan to. I think the work out is about 15 minutes long.