January 6, 2009

Stroke of Genius ... Or Lapse in Judgement?

Running the NYD5K was hard for me, but (hopefully) only the 1st step to getting back to the old me. Luckily there are so many activities I can do with Brooke, including Stroller Strides and Mom & Baby Yoga. I plan to start yoga this week and hope to get more better at scheduling Stroller Strides. While there are tons of options for her and I can do together, I want (and need) to do some things on my own. For now, running is one of those things. The 5K was one event, and I signed up for an 8K in March in order to motivate me to keep on running!

I committed to the Shamrock Shuffle, despite my hesitations. There is no way I could run an 8K today, even if I had a gun to my head or some sort of jungle cat chasing me. I figure by signing up for a race a bit into the future I will have to run between now and then in order to make sure I don't look like a dummy on race day. You would think the fact that I couldn't run straight for 3.1 miles would be enough to scare me off of 5 miles ... but I guess it wasn't :) That's a good sign, right?

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