January 5, 2009

When Change is Not Good

We keep hearing all about change. Both presidential campaigns made "change" the theme of their campaigns and our President-elect is promising alot of it in the years to come. I have to admit, I'm generally all for change. In fact, I tend to steer away from any sort of schedule, routine or consistency. I dont wake up at the same time every day, nor go to bed the same time every night. I have made a large number of job and career changes due to boredom with repetition. I hate reading the same book or seeing the same movie twice. I have always enjoyed a bit of variety in my life.

But in the past few months that has changed a bit. Having Brooke has forced me to accept some scheduling, and to often live within the restraints her schedule provides. I thought I would rebel against this lifestyle change, but I don't feel like I have lost anything ... and often embrace my new routine life. My life has become so routine its actually almost like Groundhog Day - each day I sortof feel like I am just living yesterday over once again. I have gotten so used to living the same day over and over that change can throw me for a loop.

And one of my biggest consistencies - Starbucks - threw me for a bit of a loop over the weekend. I am a pretty frequent customer (if you call every day "frequent") and I am a pretty predictable customer (if you call ordering the exact same thing each day "predictable". The other day I was in and the food case was looking pretty bare. I assumed they had sold out of many items and made a joke about it ... but the girl behind the counter told me that they were changing up some of the menu items and were cleaning out some of the old items to make room for some of the new items. Every day I get a raspberry scone. I love the raspberry scone. I wake up thinking about it and salivate when I see it sitting in the case. I said "I hope you dont get rid of the raspberry scone" and she told me she wasnt sure what was going or staying.

Well, I went back in on Saturday and there were some new food items in the case. In addition to the new items I noticed a particular item was missing. I knew it, but asked anyway. And yes, the raspberry scone is no longer on the Starbucks menu. I'm currently at a loss as to how I will progress with my life at this point. What do you do when the thing you eat every day for breakfast is gone forever? Poor me.

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