December 1, 2008

It's Officially Winter

We woke up (if you call finally giving up attempting to sleep while
your baby gives you a hard time "waking up") to streets covered in
snow and more still coming.

It's Brookes 1st snowfall, which is pretty cool. Since we were up
anyway I figured she should actually go OUT to experience the snow.
She was all bundled and didn't notice a thing (in fact, slept through
the outing) but I learned something new - her stroller does not
navigate the snow well :( I count on our walks as a good part of my
physical activity ... Looks like we might be in for a bit of trouble!

1 comment:

meanjean said...

uh. winter makes my face hurt. I hope we dont get any snow this year. Last year I didnt see any snow! (at least none that really stuck) It was awesome.