December 1, 2008

How A Company Can Screw Itself On Cyber Monday

I got two emails this morning - one from Old Navy and one from Baby Gap - with pretty great Cyber Monday promotions. They include 15% or 20% off and free shipping. There are great baby clothes at both Gap & Old Navy, and Old Navy also has a pair of comfy pants I have been eying. Brooke seriously doesnt need any clothes, but who can deny a great discount? There is one thing she does need though - some sort of sweater/sweatshirt. She received about 20 short sleeve t-shirt onesies in various gifts, and in case its not obvious ... its pretty cold in December for a short-sleeved tee. In order to make sure she gets to wear all of the cute stuff I need to get her a sweater or sweatshirt that she can wear over the onesies. Not only is layering cute & stylish, but it also allows Brooke to greatly expand her wardrobe (which she will soon grow out of anyway). So I decided I had a good excuse to do some shopping, since obviously this sweater/sweatshirt need is very serious and should be a priority if I want to maximize her wardrobe.

So I sit her on the couch with Brooke napping to my left and my credit card to my right ... trying to move quickly in the short window of peace she generally provides me ... when lo and behold! a small problem arises. I assume this is a good sign for the economy - enough people are shopping online today that they took down and Then again, maybe its a bad sign for the economy ... if that many people are hitting up those websites ... how many people are actually working? But its definitely a bad sign for Gap Inc. (the parent company) who is losing business by the millisecond and ticking off a lot of would-be shoppers.

Update: Sorry about triple-post-Monday. Sleep deprived bloggers blog may post frequently and senselessly. On a better note, I ordered Brooke a pink hooded sweatshirt. Unfortunately I also found a coupon code for a childrens clothing company that tends to be a bit pricey and ordered her a few outfits that she definitely will look cute in but really doesnt need. Thanks Cyber Monday!

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