November 1, 2008

I Pretty Much Ruined Halloween

Its our first Halloween in our new house and I was so excited about trick-or-treaters (something we haven't had before). I went out and bought candy about 6 weeks ago, worried that I wouldnt have time or would forget because Brooke was due 10/8. Since the candy was in the house for so long, I decided I should snack on it. And over the period of a couple of weeks my "snacking" devoured a whole bag of Butterfinger, and a couple of pieces from a few other bags. We had 5 bags in the beginning, were left with four (minus a few pieces from each bag) after the Butterfinger incident. So as the trick-or-treaters continued to pour in (and Jeff & I noticed we had multiple repeat offenders) I started getting worried, counting the candy as time went by. Eventually we were down to 8 pieces and I could see groups of kids down the street on their way. So Jeff ran out to Walgreens to get more candy. In the time he was gone I actually had to reject some kids ... and by the time he was back the trick-or-treating was pretty much done. We now have 2 extra bags of candy (which we worked on ourselves all weekend) and were probably only 10 pieces (far less than I actually ate) shy of having enough for all the trick-or-treaters. Oh well.

I also forced Brooke to wear multiple costumes. The first one, a peanut, given to me by my friend Tami. She wore it ok for a minute, but then went into a severe fit. The pics here are from the first two stages (ok, and starting to get a bit leery). I'm not posting the meltdown picture because its a bit sad and I feel like a bad mother. One of Brookes grandmas gave her a "My First Halloween" onesie. She had that on for about 30 minutes and then had a huge diaper blowout that made the outfit no longer wearable. There are no photos (of the outfit pre or post blowout)

Another one of our friends gave me a cute duck costume that was a bit more baby friendly then the peanut. Its just a simple jumper and zips up the front, so I assumed it would make Brooke happier than the peanut. So I put the costume on (this was after the diaper blowout in the onesie) and she started freaking out. Jeff said "its the costume, take it off". I assured him he was wrong since the costume was not in any way restricting as she continued to scream her lungs out. Shortly after (this was about a 2 minute incident) I took the costume off, the crying stopped, and all was right with the world. No pics of that one either.

Wrigley is used to wearing costumes as she has worn one every year. She pretty much will do anything for food so I got her costume on quite easily. The problem was it was long in the back and touched her butt...and she thought something (or someone) kept touching her or poking her in the rear. This made for some crazy antics and she wasnt very pleased with this costume, but I did manage a few pics.

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