November 3, 2008

Just Another Reason Why I Love Starbucks

I know I am supposed to hate Starbucks, especially as a Marketing person. They are taking over the world with their over-priced coffee and cookie cutter image. They put the small coffee shops out of business. Their coffee tends to get ranked pretty low when it comes to quality and flavor. They supposedly underpay their farmers. Yes, perhaps all of this is true. But I can't help it, I just love Starbucks!

Recently they have enabled all those with the iPhone to get free Wi-Fi. I have an iPhone and thus, am happy.

Brooke has fits all of the time and she and I go on long walks to calm her down. I cant go many places because she starts screaming and I have to run out in embarassment, but she never cries in Starbucks. The love I have for that place was passed onto my daughter, and its one of the only places I can take her for some peace-and-quiet.

Starbucks is announcing tonight that voters get free coffee! So, if you werent going to vote as part of your ability to impact our country's political future ... then do it for the coffee!

1 comment:

Sarah Jo said...

Maybe Brooke finds the sound of the machines soothing--you know, all that frothing is good white noise...