September 10, 2008

Prerace Nutrition Mistakes

Sometimes a list of "dont's" helps more than a list of "do's". We are always told by others how/when/where we should do something, but with all of the endless advice its sometimes hard to get it all straight ... especially when some of it conflicts.

Training for a race is no different - and everyone has their tips they want to share. Runner's World might have the right way to give some tips by telling us about prerace nutrition mistakes versus giving us more tips to add to our endless lists. Their 5 big mistakes?
  1. Eating A Box of Pasta
  2. Drinking Gallons of H20
  3. Loading Up on Fiber
  4. Skipping Breakfast
  5. Trying Something New
Now when they say "box of pasta" and "gallons of H20" they dont mean this literally - but runners know exactly what they are talking about. Check out the article for more detail why each one of these are mistakes. They also cant resist giving you some of those wonderful tips to go along with each one of these mistakes, but I think that the context they put it all in makes sense :)

With Chicago having a few big races right around the corner (Banco Popular 1/2 and Chicago Marathon) I thought it might be a good time to post some real running-related info!


Maggie Mae said...

This post makes me think of the episode of "The Office" when they did the Rabies Awareness 5K and how it was perceived that eating a big plate of fettacini alfredo counted as carb-loading.

lifestudent said...

They aired that episode right in the middle of my marathon training ... so it totally hit a personal funny note for me. And because my husband was forced to carbo-load every Fri night before my Sat long runs too - he also thought it was hysterical :) I tried to find a clip of it on YouTube to post on my blog and never found it - maybe now that its a year later I should check again!

Anonymous said...

I can see some people making these mistakes, but "Loading up on Fiber"?!

That just makes me think, ewwww.

lifestudent said...

I'm not a big fiber fan either ... but even while not running I can still happily eat a box of pasta. Is that so wrong?