September 8, 2008

Got The "Fat Gene"? Better Quit Your Job!

Turns out that in order to fight a common fat gene all you need is some moderate exercise! Whats the hitch? Well, scientists say you need 3-4 hours a day. Most of us find challenges in getting to the gym for a speedy 60 minute workout, if 3-4 hours is whats needed people are going to have to decide between their health and their careers. Yes, you could suggest cutting out sleep, but studies clearly indicate the importance of sleep. Thus, cutting back on sleep would negatively impact your health. The only thing left in the day is work!

The article suggests that "every bit helps" and mentions things like going for evening walks and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. How many hours can you spend on the stairs each day? And how long of a walk can one truly take each evening?

It appears to me that scientists are basically suggesting one thing: if you carry this "fat gene" your just plain-old-screwed.


robison52 said...

Interesting...I wouldn't call 3-4 hours a day "some MODERATE exercise!" Maybe they mean everything you do in a day, walking through the store, upstairs, downstairs, chores, and even sex...everything might equal 3-4 hours a day.

By the way, as far as I know the 2008 Las Vegas Marathon course is the same as last year.

meanjean said...

I guess i should look into quitting my job. Lord knows i have the fat gene.