September 11, 2008

All My Dreams Could Come True

Celebrity gossip columnist Perez Hilton is suggesting that there is talk of an NSYNC reunion. I have been talking about the New Kids On The Block, who have gotten back together and then so rudely planned their Chicago concert for 4 days before my due date :(

Well, the only thing better than a NKOTB reunion is an NSYNC reunion!

Now, if we could only get Justin & Britney back together...


meanjean said...

hahaha im all about an NSYNC reunion, but brit and justin?? heck no! The world would spin out of orbit!

Nikki said...

Personally, my heart is still with the NKOTB. I'm still hoping that I can one day marry Jordan Knight - think my husband would mind? He's actually rooting for a Britney/Justin comeback. Ha ha.