September 12, 2008

Maybe A Way To Get Your 3-4 Hours In?

If you need to get 3-4 hours of moderate exercise, perhaps you dont have to quit your job...just get one of these.

It's a Treadmill Desk, and according to studies you can burn 100 extra calories per hour versus just sitting at your desk. If you work an 8-hour day, that could add up to 800 calories!

Interested? Just pony over $6,000 to Steelcase and you too can be the proud owner of this wonderful product ;)


robison52 said...

I WANT ONE!! Maybe some day they'll be more affordable if businesses can see the benefits of lower health costs...I can dream can't I?

Mariposafan said...

There are already somewhat less expensive alternatives. TreadDesk's treadmill is only $695 and you can get adjustable height desks that will work with it for less than $400 (though not power adjustable.)

The Walkstation shouldn't actually cost $6000 - I think they're available for something like $4500. For those of us who are fighting their weight and who are stuck at a desk it still seems like money well spent.

lifestudent said...

I think this would be great for surfing the net - but imagine it would become difficult to actually DO WORK while moving on the treadmill. Seems to me like you might have trouble reading a screen while you bounce up and down, and likely your typing would look like pig-latin.

Now, if you could dictate while on the machine - thats a different story!

Mariposafan said...

Others have commented on both the typing and reading aspects. Bottom line - your typing efficiency might go down a little but your reading shouldn't be affected at all. This is presupposing you're walking at a pretty slow pace, of course.

The interesting thing to me is that most people who have commented on them have remarked on how much better they concentrate/think while moving gently. I know that I do some of my most creative work while out for my morning walks (most of programming is mental - the typing it in is just the mechanics.)