September 16, 2008

Running, For Runners, By Runners

Linden, over at Linden's Pensive, is just weeks out from the Berlin Marathon. She had a great idea to help hear leading up to the event ... ask other runners to share their race experiences and offer up some tips. The blogging community in general is pretty amazing, as people from all over the world (who do not know each other outside of the blogosphere) join together to form a virtual community. The running blogging community is no different - and Linden found some great Marathon Inspiration from her fellow runners.

I am sharing this post for two reasons:
1) Its always great to hear the stories of other runners
2) I am one of those that contributed (gotta self promote)

Anyway, its a great post for anyone who is a runner - and even if you arent a runner she has collected the wisdom of some interesting (and often quirky) bloggers. Its a good read!

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robison52 said...

Thanks for the tip on "Linden's Pensive!" Oh my gosh, MORE great blogs I needed to subscribe...the way I'm going I'll need hours each day to read all the blogs I've subscribed!!