May 6, 2007

Yoga is not in the stars for me

This morning I was ready - got my new yoga mat and headed off to the yoga class at Bally's. I get there, and am told that I need some sort of approval form from corporate to use the trial pass I have - and so it was a no-go. I dont know if this guy was right or not, but it wasnt worth arguing :( Instead I went to do a bit of grocery shopping...again, Rest & Stretch = Shopping.

Homework Update
I am about 25 pages into my 50 page paper - I think most of the "content" is there and the rest is some needed enhancements (aka fluff) so I am feeling pretty good. Unfortunately, its already 5 pm - only a few hours until Enterouge & Sopranos ... and a corresponding decrease in my attention towards this paper. I think I can work on the take-home final during the shows though - its a lot less involved then writing a paper.

And giving up coffee is not gonna happen while I still have all of this pressing school-work. I am on my second latte today! But, I am trying to mix in some Propel so that I dont get too dehydrated. Tomorrow's workout is 40 minutes - and I think Monday is one of the days I am supposed to press myself a bit more.

Knees Ache - All the Time Now!
So my knees are hurting solidly, all day - regardless of what I do. I am calling the physical therapist tomorrow to get in asap - I need some good advice before our next big run! The trainer that came to talk to us on Saturday talked about levels of pain - I just during workout and II for a bit after workout ... III involves pain all the time - not the kind that debilitates you, but the kind always there and IV pain that interferes with your daily life. She said to make sure you get things taken care of before they hit III - OOPS. Too late I think :(

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