May 7, 2007

I think Im moving to level IV

So, my knees have been hurting all of the time, and they hurt througout my run today. In the past, the pain has subsided once I get going. So, looking at the pain levels I discussed before I think Im moving along the chart! Luckily, this morning I set up a consultation with a physical therapist for Wednesday morning. Hopefully they will give me some tips. At least I was smart enought to ice my knees today when I got home, I am thinking that it will help (maybe because everything I read tells me to ICE!)

The Eternal Paper
I have 25 pages of my paper done, which means I have a ton to go in order to finish tonight. Its BEAUTIFUL outside - 72 and sunny. And here I sit, pounding away at my laptop. Student life may have its perks - but its not all flowers and candy!

Training Log
Time:41.45 minutes    Distance:3.73 miles    Pace:11:12min/mi
Today was the first "bad run" I have experienced. My knees were hurting me, and I could tell that I was moving slower to compensate for the pain. I was right, because I paced about 6 minutes slower a mile than I have on average. In addition, I cramped up about 1/2 way through. I have a feeling that I was also running funny to compensate for the throbbing, and that lead to a cramp up by my neck. Tomorrow is a cross-train day (I think) and I am going to need to stay off these knees. I hate swimming and dont have access to a pool anyway. I know ellipticals arent bad for your knees, and that might be my only option. We also have a rowing machine at my gym, but that motion doesnt seem too great on the knees either! Always something else to try to figure out - its funny having to plan my workouts so far in advance, this is quite the change for me.
Progress Made
  • Found a bar to host a fundraiser at, now I just have to convince my husband its a good idea
  • Pushed through the knee pain and finished my run - while its progress in my mentality, I am not too sure it was a good idea :)
Lessons Learned
  • The knees are going to restrict my activity, I need to be proactive in fixing the problem, whether its physical therapy or a change in my workouts, etc
  • Even rewarding yourself with coffee and chocolate does not make the writing of a 50-page paper go any faster

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