May 8, 2007

Give Me More Time ... And I Will Use Every Second of it.

My 11 am meeting today got rescheduled until Thursday, which gave me a bit more time to work on these two assignements. Then, one of my peers emailed me and said that he would print out my take-home midterm and manually turn it in if I email it to him tonight. This means, I have until midnight to finish my paper and my exam...about 12 more hours than I orignally had! Of course, I took some liberties with this new time and went to lunch with friends. Here I am, its 6 pm, and I am still working on both assignments. What an idiot.

Training Log
Today is a cross-train day, and I convinced myself this morning to make it a rest & stretch day. My knees felt better, but I was worried about aggrivating them. Then after I ate about a pound of tater-tots for lunch I decided going to the gym was a good idea. I did my 45 minutes on the elliptical, but took it pretty easy. Afterwards I iced the knees ;)
Progress Made
  • Knees feel a bit better
  • Found a Yoga class that meets on Sundays starting May 27. Yeah yoga mat, be prepared to serve your purpose!
Lessons Learned
  • Give me an inch, I take a mile. I have been working on this paper forever and I am beginning to loose my mind.

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