May 5, 2007


First of all, my mentor Amy totally ordered dessert last night. And, I followed :( Everyone actually got dessert, but that doesnt make it any better. There were options that werent too bad, like gellato, etc - but I went for the chocolate cake and chocolate sauce...and had to hold myself back from literally licking the plate clean. Dinner was really good, and it was fun to hang out with my mentee group. Each of us has different running experiences, different reasons for pursuing the Marathon and different reasons for why we are fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. We were there for 3 hours!!! When I got home it was practically bedtime as today was an early morning!
Group Run
Waking up for an 8:00 am run was not enjoyable - and to add to that it is a cold, dreary day. There is a bonus - the forecast called for rain and we didnt see a drop! I ran again with the same girl from last week (her name is Jodi) and again the time flew. I cant belive I ran 5 miles...that is totally huge for me. As we approached the finish I probabally had the biggest (stupedest) grin on my face - its a big accomplishment for a person who just decided to "be a runner" weeks ago!

Homework, Homework, Homework
The clock is ticking, all this stuff is due on Tuesday. Notice, I am blogging not writing a paper. I am moving forward, but its messy and incoherent. I am having trouble putting my thoughts together. I need to get through it today, despite the chaos of the I can print it tomorrow and edit it into a real paper. That only give me tomorrow and Monday to actually shape and finish it. Add to that the fact that I have a take-home exam for a stats class to do too - which I have yet to pencil into my schedule. OOPS.

Training Log
Time:   57.30 minutes     Distance:5.00 miles    Pace:   11:30min/mi
Jodi doesnt know it yet, but she is going to be my life running partner. She and I easily talk during the runs, and at the completion are amazed that "its already over". Today both of us felt like we could have kept going. Who would have thought? The knees are bothering me, but a physical therapist was there to talk to us after the run today and I think I will actually go in for an appointment. I know I can work on stretches and building muscle in the recommended areas, but it sounds like they can evaluate my running/shoes/etc to make sure there isnt anything different I can be doing to reduce the problem. In addition, better off safe than sorry!
Progress Made
  • Found a running partner, figured out her name
Lessons Learned
  • Once again, there is a mental game. I would have never thought I could run five miles (or for almost an hour) but I did it today. Its all about believing in yourself, and enjoying yourself

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