May 10, 2007

Courses are OFFICIALLY Over :)

After a 2 hour meeting today, I can officially say the coursework for my program is complete! While its very exciting, the plate is never clear. I have a paper due for a conference on May 31 and my comprehensive exams the second week of June. One stage over, another one begins!

The knees are totally sore today, so I didnt do anything major - outside of walking all over downtown while I made returns! Tomorrow is a 40 minute run and I didnt want to do anything to compromise we do 6 miles on Saturday!!

Basically, today was an easy day without a whole lot of "Marathon Training" on the brain. As I type right now, I am watching Grey's Anatomy. I just realized that I could (AND SHOULD) be doing some stretches and exercises while I watch the show, at the very least - so thats next on the to do list for this evening!

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