May 9, 2007

The Verdict Is...Popliteal Tendonitis

What a day. I finished my papers last night about 11:30 pm (can never cut things too close!). I woke up this morning and went to my PT appointment - they did a quick lookover, and the outlook is pretty good. Looks like "popliteal tendonitis", but my ligaments, kneecap, and all that junk look good. The trainer thought it might be due to my new shoes! Because I got "stability" shoes, and I am not used to that kind of support, there might be some problems with me breaking them in. She suggested that I wear them for the long Saturday runs, and wear other shoes for my weekly runs...until they are a bit more worn. Of course, I forgot to wear my older shoes for tonights workout. Since I obvioulsy cannot stop the irritation causing the tendonitis (aka running) there are a few things I was told do to:
  • RICE - rest, ice, compression, elevation
  • Strength training - ankle, quads, hamstrings, calf..
  • Alter the shoes
  • Massage
Rest of the Day! Today I should be prepping for my 11am meeting tomorrow, but I just needed a break. There is somewhere really special I like to go on my breaks... So, I did some shopping - YEAH! Then I came home to start on some work again...until I had to leave for training tonight.

Training Log

Today was our first team weekly training. IT WAS KILLER. First we did a 10 minute warm-up run, followed by a bunch of training exercise/runs, followed by a 3 mile run. During the 3 miler, we had to sprint for 100 yards at 400 yard intervals. Basically, during each mile we had to sprint 3 times (9 times total). It was so hard...and I was one of the last to finish :( Looks like my 11 minute pace group didnt come out tonight, so I didnt have a group of people who paced similar to me. I got home and iced my knees, thankful that tomorrow is R/S.
Progress Made
  • Finished 3 miles, with sprints throughout!
  • Got the knees checked out, while I do have some problems...I dont have an actual injury
Lessons Learned
  • Mid-Week Team Workouts might possibly kill me

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Anonymous said...

thank you! i'm suffering from popliteal tendonitis but nothing terrible (yet hopefully). I just have been irritated by it but I too wear stability shoes so I am assuming that could be my dilemma.