May 11, 2007

All Carbed Up ... and Ready to Go???

Today was the usual - did my workout, did some shopping, ate a lot :) Instead of making pasta for dinner, I thought I deserved a night Itallian it was! I definitely have carboloading down...I ate about a loaf of bread and 1/2 lb of pasta. If that doesnt make me run faster, I dont know what will. Maybe I will be 2lbs heavier tomorrow morning, but I should be a super-athlete for sure.

Taking it easy tonight, we just got home with a movie. Tonight its the new Rocky. I am going to put my pj's on first and cuddle in for a movie and hopefully an early bedtime. Trainings move to 7AM tomorrow (they were at 8) and I am nervous about everything...the distance, the time, the weather. Its cold right now (52) and I think tomorrow morning is going to be the same. Tonight is going to drop to the 40's with highs in the upper 50's tomorrow. That means that there is a good chance is will be less than 50 tomorrow morning! So I need to think a bit about my apparel :(

Training Log
Time:  30 minutes  Distance:2.76 miles   Pace:  10:56min/mi
The goal for today was 30 minutes. I decided to run on the treadmill. There were two major reasons for this: 1) to increase my pace time a bit and 2) to stay out of the cold, windy outdoors! I upped the pace to 10:56 (my last treadmill experience was 11:06). It was challening, but I wouldnt say I struggled - it was, after all, only 30 minutes! Afterwords I iced my knees, hopefully I am ready for tomorrow!
Progress Made
  • Upped the pace a bit on the treadmill
  • Got a couple more donations! Moving my way along to my goal...
Lessons Learned
  • Running definitely makes me hungry

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