May 12, 2007

I Ran 6 Miles Today ... What Did You Do?

I couldn't sleep last night - I was really worried about today. 6 miles just seems like alot! So after a few hours of sleep it was time to get up and go. First of all, again it was freezing! Well, not literally - but almost! It was about 47 when I left home. I picked up another girl on my team and we went to meet everyone else at the lakefront path at 7:00 AM. If it was 47 when I left, it was about 37 by the lake. As we stood there during morning announcements, everyone was jumping around trying to keep warm. We then broke into our pace groups (I had to shead 2 layers of clothes) and we were off. The run today was slower than I might have done on my own, but I ran with the same girls I have been running with, and they were definitely pacing a bit slower than me. No big deal - I enjoyed the whole run and we talked the whole time. I am not going to say that it flew by ... it felt like 6 miles. BUT, it was enjoyable and I didnt find myself struggling through the run.

After the run my mentee team went out to breakfast. It was a lot of fun - there were 10 of us and although we are all so different, there is tons to talk about just regarding Marathon training. As we all chatted and ate, time flew by - and I realized I had to go home for some serious knee icing.

Tonight we have dinner plans with friends, and tomorrow we have breakfast and lunch plans. Good thing I have such a busy weekened planned because on Monday I need to start writing this conference paper and studying for my comps. The next few weeks are not going to be enjoyable....

Training Log
Time:  70 minutes  Distance:6.00 miles   Pace:  11:40min/mi
The run wasn't easy - but I definitely didnt really struggle. The knees held up (I think thanks to the fact I iced them three times last night) and I felt pretty good. We stay at 6 miles for the next couple of weeks, so my biggest concern now is those Wed night trainings, not my Saturday long runs. Who ever thought that would happen??
Progress Made
  • I ran 6 miles! Again, my longest distance and longest time ever!
  • Refrained from ordering an unhealthy breakfast after the run...but ate 1/2 bag of chocolate with I am even?
Lessons Learned
  • The training is all what you make of it
  • 6 miles is nothing to loose sleep over ;)
  • If I open a bag of chocolate, someone pretty much has to beat me in order for me to stop eating it

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