May 13, 2007

"Celebrity" Sightings

This has been a weekend full of EATING. I ate out for dinner Friday night, breakfast Saturday morning, dinner Saturday night, breakfast this morning and lunch this afternoon. I guarantee you if I step on the scale right now I am about 5lbs heavier (since I dont want to cry, I am not going to test the scale to prove myself).

Went to dinner Sat night with a few friends, to a popular Chicago restaurant. We made reservations TWO MONTHS its a tough one to get in. Dinner was great, but we had two local celebrity sightings...
1) Rick Bayless
Rick is the owner of the restaurants Fronterra Grill and Topolobombo. While we ate at Topolobombo, the other restaurant (Fronterra) just recently won an award for being the BEST RESTAURANT IN THE US! In addition, he has his own cooking show and line of cookbooks. Since his restaurants are just in Chicago, I think he is primarily a local celebrity. He is the chef, so its not suprising that we saw him out in the restaurant...but I have been there before a few times and havent seen him! In addition, I saw him three times :)

2)Barack Obama
Despite an 8pm reservation, we had to wait quite a bit longer than expected. The reason was apparent when three big black tinted SUV's showed up...out popped the Secret Service - and Mr. & Mrs. Obama. They ate a few tables down from us (he had the Blue Agave Margarita) and if I peeked around some plants every once-in-a-while I could see them :) Today - Mother's Day
Today was Mother's Day - we went to breakfast with Jeff's mom and lunch with my mom. We had to wake-up very early, and drive alot today ... unfortunately :) I am exhausted and have a huge week coming up. Together with training, writing my paper and studying for my comprehensive exams ... I am already nervous. Tonight I am planning on writing out a tentative schedule for the week so hopefully I wont be all panicky as the week progresses!

Training Log
Today was a "Rest & Stretch" day - for some reason, I seem to associate these days with eating, or shopping. Today I didnt do any shopping, but I ate enough to make up for the lack of shopping. Now I need to get back to my regular diet, and back on the training program...

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