April 27, 2007

The Sun Will Come Out...Tomorrow

Still gloomy, still cold, still Chicago :)

Yesterday I mapped out my run for today - I estimated that I would do about 3 & 3/4 miles for the 40 minute run. Last time I did 3.5 miles it took me 37 minutes so I increased the distance just a bit. Knowing it was still going to be cold, I also mapped my route away from the lake. I was ready!

Then, I took Wrigley out for our usual morning play-session. It was cold. It was drizzly. It was dreary. I knew at that moment that running outside was not gonna happen and made my alternate plan - back to the gym! Since I knew I should have been outdoors, I again decreased my pace, to 11:19/mile and set it for 40 minutes. I actually didnt have much of a problem, but I was suprised with one thing - the think that was slowing me down was the tiredness in my legs, not my lungs. So cardio-wise I am fine, but my legs are weak. I think this is a good thing! Since I am new at running, obviously its going to take my body some time to strengthen and get used to it...but on a fitness level I appear to be able to handle the workout. YAY!

Dumb Decisions
So, my friend Monica (who lives in Texas) is in town. I love her to death and obviously dont get to see her often - so she and I planned to meet up. She arrived at my house at 4ish and had just had a large lunch so eating was out of the question. What did we decide to do? Hit the local pub, of course. 7 hours and 5 pints later I am now home. Luckily I ate and mixed in a lot of water, but I dont think that I was being very smart about the night before my first team run. Its 11:14 right now, and I have to get up at 5:30 am. I am trying to down all of the water I can and hope that my years of drinking experience will far outweigh the fact that I am a novice runner - but I dont think we will have evidence of that until the end of the 4th mile tomorrow morning! Wish me luck!

Training Log
Time:40 minutes Distance:3.54 miles

Stuck indoors on the treadmill again, but picked up the pace a bit to 11:19/mile. Finished without any major injuries or traumas, but sweaty enough to ward off any other members of the human race
Progress Made
  • Ran for my longest time (not distance) at 40:00

Lessons Learned
  • Confirmed, once and for all, that no matter what is on the horizon I cannot turn down a nice, cold beer :(

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