April 26, 2007

The Sun Does Not Shine In Chicago :(

We have had a couple of days straight of gloomy weather. While this is not unusual in April - it followed a few really sunny beautiful days and it now feels like those nice days were just a dream. There are tons of things I should do today, from a needed libray visit to some grocery shopping...but as I look out the window I simply cannot motivate myself to leave the house.

We turned the heat off about a week ago, when it hit almost 80. Now, I refuse to put it back on - its the principle of the thing! I sit here in sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirs, with a cold nose and fingers - and try to convince myself that it's almost May. Friday is supposed to warm up a tiny bit - but we are still expecting rain. I am supposed to do a 40 minute run, and its the day prior to a group run, so I really need to get outside for my workout. Looks like I have to stop being a baby and suck-it-up. Fortunately - Saturday is looking good! Its my first team run along the lake, so all I can do is hope Mother Nature is on my side.

For the day today, I have some other really important things on my plate:
- Paint my nails
- Play around with my blog template
- Begin my fundraising letters
- Watch Grey's Anatomy!

Training Log
Today is a Rest & Stretch day. I am still not sure what to do with myself on these days, so I did a "Core Yoga" program off On Demand. I havent done Yoga before, so it was quite the experience. There was some good stretching and then some ab work, but some positions I will never be able to master and some crazy talking to my organs stuff. Also, yesterday I got an email from TNT with some stretching exercises for pre & post running, but plan to do them tonight before bed just to start getting them into my routine.
Progress Made
  • Did some stretching, talked to my organs, became one with my floor rug

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