April 25, 2007

Coffee - Can I Live Without It? Magic 8-Ball Says "Probabally Not"

After some beautiful temperatures in Chi-Town for a few consecutive days, my body told me it was really SPRING! Then, it got rainy and cold :( Caffeine dehydrates you, I know this...thus promised myself to cut down on it during training. I gave up pop a while ago - now coffee is my only crutch. Things wouldnt have been so bad if it didnt get so darn cold and rainy out. Since I have "given up" coffee - I have had a latte daily :( In fact, I am in a computer lab at school right now with a big one sitting right in front of me. I promise to give it up under two conditions: 1) I am done with school and no longer need to have a sharp/alert brain and 2)The weather becomes nice enough to get rid of the winter chill from my bones.

Now, even though classes end for me on May 8 - I have comprehensive exams that signal the completion of my program coursework in June. I am on the fence as to whether or not I can study from May 8 - June 8ish without the aid of my faithful support teams from Starbucks and Caribou. This is one I need to ponder for a bit prior to making a commitment.

Training Log
Time:30 minutes Distance:2.60 miles

Today I was stuck inside on the treadmill due to the dreary weather. As I determined I might be faster pacing than I thought, I increased my pace a bit to 11:30 a mile. Although the other day I came out with 10:45 as a pace, the FavoriteRun program is not exact with mileage, and I run a bit crooked - so its going to take a few more times out until I feel comfortable with a pace. Progress Made
  • Started my fundraising and already got some sponsors. Thanks to my first donor - my father in law, Rick and my second donor, my friend Erik!!
  • Picked up my treadmill pace by 30 seconds/minute
Lessons Learned
  • Giving up coffee...not so easy :(

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LeahC said...

i don't think having one or two cups of coffee a day is bad for you. Just make sure you drink enough water, but giving up caffine all together might give you some pretty bad headaches and make you feel blahhy (yes i'm saying that is a word)