April 28, 2007

Its here! The sun is here! This mornings run was fantastic - I didnt even realize I was running since I was so focused on soaking up some rays. It wasnt hot (right now its 67 at 12:45pm, so I am guessing it was between 55 & 60 this morning) and the sun was shining. Awesome!

Getting to the training, they had us break into self-selected pace groups. A fast-pace (8min or less), 9min, 10min, 11min and then the walk-run group. I was confused...as I am pacing slower than 11 minutes on average, and am not sure how I am going to be able to handle the distances - I didnt know where I belonged! So, I went into the walk-run group. As the coach for that group talked about pacing for the walk run (I think it was run 4 minutes, walk 2) I realized that it wasnt what I wanted to do. So I hopped into the 11min pace group right prior to their departure.

As if my nervousness wasnt enough, I also had to go to the bathroom. I am pretty sure it was all mental - knowing that I had to run and that going to the bathroom is an issue, that was all I could think about. 1/2 mile into the run I found port-a-potties. I felt really bad stopping this short into the run, but knew I wouldnt make it 3.5 more miles thinking about it the whole time - so I stopped. And two other girls stopped too :)

I ended up running the rest of the route with these two girls and had a fantastic run. We paced ourselves well (despite a short break while trying to figure out which way we were supposed to go!) and talked the whole way. It seriously didnt even feel like I was running, it was like hanging out with friends. So, my first official TNT training day was perfect (even after the pints last night) and I am actually really excited about next week.

Again, Reality Strikes
I have a lot of homework, it has to get done. Jeff and his two brothers are going to spend the day staining the deck and I am seriously going to get down to business. Well - right after I eat lunch, that is ;)

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