April 29, 2007

Stopping to Smell the Tulips

Today was a Rest & Stretch day, but again I didnt think I was a good idea. Yesterday I ate enough to feed a small army and thought that sitting around on my duff would be a bad thing. Also, its georgeous today! So, we set out with the new shorter leash, a plan for a 3 mile run (approximately) and an optimistic outlook. Wrigley was up to her old tricks: she had to pee twice, tried to chase all other dogs, picked up something wierd and ate it - and stopped to smell some flowers (literally, she stopped and sniffed some tulips). I tried to stop my watch each time she pulled one of these tricks, and thought I was real smart hitting the "start/split" button. Then at the end I realized that none of them stored, so once again I realize that the directions came with the watch for a reason - in order for me to figure out what the heck I am doing. I finally made it home with a sore shoulder (from all of the yanking) and a severly panting dog.

Right now she is resting, taking in the beautiful day by looking out on her neighborhood and making sure any dog that passes by knows its her house.

I printed out a bunch of articles I have to read for homework, now merely have to read them. Tonight we are heading to some friends for a barbeque so we can take advantage of this fantastic weather!

Training Log
Time:   36.12 minutes     Distance:3.13 miles    Pace:   11:07min/mi
Its tough to figure out my pace since I didnt work my watch properly :) Our actual total run took 37.12 minutes so I just dropped one minue. We might have stopped for more than that, but with the estimation of the route I figured it pans out about right
Progress Made
  • Wrigley and I continued our conditioning together!
Lessons Learned
  • Still dont know how to work the watch, will read the directions (for real) tonight
  • Shorter leash isnt enought to get the dog to focus, she needs to learn some manners

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